About Us

Friends of CTWC is a non-profit organization that has been organized for the primary purpose of helping to guide efforts and raise funds to help address water needs and issues of the Lower Colorado River Basin.
Friends of CTWC’s primary mission is to support the preservation and conservation of the Highland Lakes’ water supply and water levels for the benefit of human health, safety, tourism and recreation, and to preserve the Highland Lakes’ role as an irreplaceable economic engine for the State of Texas through education outreach, research activities and water-related legal support services. 
Friends of CTWC’s intent is to also assist in regional efforts to market the Highland Lakes, our most precious natural resource, as a tourism destination, directly impacting and increasing our economies.
It is critical that the general public knows more about public water policy in Central Texas so they can engage and help affect reasonable water policy at the regional and state level.
Members of our Board of Directors and CTWC’s Board of Directors participated as stakeholders in formation of the new Water Management Plan approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in November 2015.

Contact Friends of CTWC at: [email protected]