What We Do

Fundraising Support

Broad-based examples of potential educational outreach and research activities needing fundraising support include:

  • Hydrology studies of the Colorado River Basin to better understand baselines and relationships for factors such as rainfall/inflows, firm and interruptible demands and siltation impacts and their effects on critical lake levels and associated water management plans;
  • Developing information and education studies, legal research and reports that support effective water management plans, practices and regulations for the region with governmental agencies such as TCEQ,  LCRA and TWDB
  • Development and support of conservation policies needed to affect more effective and efficient uses of available water supplies
  • Supporting the need for the development of new water sources and use guidelines that are supportive of the current and future water needs and conservation plans of the region and State of Texas
  • Development and distribution of supportive educational and outreach materials and events